With AutoMap, the handling of satellite images has never been easier! We simplify the production of maps based on earth observation data and handle the application of machine learning algorithms for land surface classifications by providing a solid data processing pipeline in a fully managed cloud infrastructure. Bring your own samples and we take care of the thousands of images that fit your request, all the clouds in your area of interest and every aspect of process optimization and secure data storage. Don't worry about machine learning concepts, intelligent training data collection, hyperparameter optimization or informative feature spaces - That's our job as well! Seeing the world from above is now as demanding as ordering a pizza!


We offer a free and a premium pricing model. For all registered users a limited pool of machines is made available for free usage. Once this pool is filled your job will not be submitted. Our premium pricing system is simple: Our cloud service prodiver charges a defined amount per runtime hour for a machine. We ask for twice as much to also cover all costs considering data storage and transfer. Check our Documentation FAQ's for more information. Arrangements can be made for substantial requests, of course!


AutoMap is a service provided by ExoLabs GmbH, a spin-off from the University of Zurich. The product originated as a tailored solution for an industry partner and was later adapted for general use cases. We provide tailored software solutions, data products and scientific know-how based on geospatial data to support the private and public sector in gaining insights and efficiency at reduced costs. Our uniqueness lies in integral and agile data processing from many sources, in particular in the field of near real-time satellite data processing on a global scale.